How to Contour & Highlight Your Eye Shape

We’ve been getting questions and comments on how to prep, contour and highlight our eyes. The first thing we notice of other person is their eyes. Eye shapes and colours comes in many variations, which is the reason why we are so passionate in enhancing our enchanting feature! Eye shadow is an alternative tool to contour and highlight your best feature. Whether if you want to enhance your natural eye shape or change it completely, contouring is the easiest and fastest technique to learn and master.

The most common eye shapes are almond, round, small, large, hooded, monolid eyes and more. Firstly, we will discuss and focus on these 6 eye shapes, if there are questions on other eye shapes, we might do a second post on other types of eye shapes. Prime your eyes is the first and the key step to hold your eye shadow and make it last longer. Primer helps in prevent creasing occur and boost the colour of the eye shadow.

The Power of Contouring

Contouring can be done with a variety of colours from neutral tone to bold and shimmer. Keep the main rule of shadowing and highlighting in mind and your eyes will be awestruck. Here’s just a guideline for your individual eye shape, you are free to have fun and play around with colours and create your own look.

Almond Eyes

If you have almond eyes, you will be envied by many, as it is the ideal eye shape. You can try any look for your eye makeup and you will look good in it. For a basic contouring for almond eyes, apply a medium, matte brown all over the lid, work a darker shade on the outer cease of the eyes to make your almond shape stand out. Blend the look with a fluffy brush to make it look natural.

Round Eyes

Apply medium to darker shades over the centre of the eyes and use lighter shades as your highlighter and highlight the inner corners of your round eyes. By doing this, you contour the overall eye shape.

Small Eyes

For smaller eyes, use light to medium shades and avoid darker shades as it will be too overwhelming. Use a soft light shade along the lower lash line to enlarge the eye area. Use a softer grey or bronze colours.

Large Eyes

For having larger eyes, you are blessed with larger area to play around with different looks. Medium to dark shades will look better to contour your eye shape. Lighter shades will make your eye look bigger than it already is. You can also apply your entire eye lid with your favourite shimmer shade and contour it with a darker colour in the crease.

Hooded Eyes

For Hooded eyes lightly dust over the eye lid with medium to dark matte eye shadow colours. Gently apply them so it would not be too overwhelming on the eye. Highlight the inner corners of yours eyes and brow bone. To highlight your eye shape, use a eyeliner and line the waterline.

Monolid Eyes

Create a gradient effect on your eyes to add dimension. Use darker shades as close to the lash line as possible, a neutral shade in the centre and a light shimmer shade near the brow. It will make your eyes look bigger.

These are just simple steps to help you to enhance or change your eye shape with just some simple makeup. Try them out today with our Mica Beauty Mineral Eye Shadow.

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