Rock S/S 2018 Glossy Look!

Now that spring has sprung! New beauty and makeup trends are debuting from fashion runways for Spring and Summer 2018. Glossy look has been gaining attention throughout the runway on models, and everyone is loving it. To be precise, glossy look is the next level of highlighting for your makeup and it adds in a new and cool element for a “sexy shine” to your overall appearance.

Own the Glossy Look!

This trendy look is from Asia and their beauty trend helps give the skin a dewy look and glow naturally. Especially Eastern and Western makeup are very different in terms of looks and procedure. Now, this glossy look has passed on to western beauty trend receiving positive reviews and is favourably by many top makeup artists making its step into as the latest thing in Western makeup. There are two types of glossy look that you can try out, they are the glossy skin and glossy eyes.

Steps for Glossy Look

To achieve the glossy skin look, apply primer on cleaned and moisturised skin. Primer helps to make your makeup stay longer on your skin and acts as a barrier for your makeup and skin. Next, apply foundation, use Mica Beauty’s Pressed Mineral Foundation for medium coverage to minimise pores and fine lines on the skin with a natural finish.

Then, find a highlighter you love. Trending highlighter colours are in pearl, yellow gold and copper shades depending on your skin tone. Use an angled brush to pick up the product and swipe it across the cheekbones and forehead for a high shine effect to create the glossy skin look. If you cannot find the perfect highlighter shade, try Mica Beauty's Mineral Eye Shadow, wet the tip of the brush with water, pat it slightly dry and pick up the product from your chosen mineral eye shadow colour and swipe it onto your face. It is safe to use on the skin including oily and sensitive skin.  

For glossy eyes look, create by starting with eye primer to hold your eye shadow throughout the day. Then, blend in your chosen Mica Beauty’s mineral eye shadow and pat it on the lid. After that, blend your eye shadows to create and add dimension for your eye makeup look. Here’s the trick to achieve the glossy eyes, add Mica Beauty’s lip gloss as eye gloss on your eye lids to achieve a dewy look.

You can also achieve this look without using any eye shadow on your eyelids. Apply primer, then dabbed clear lip gloss with your fingers onto eyelids. Using lip gloss can be sticky but it stays on well. Be careful on the amount of product you put on your eyelids as too much products will drip down onto your face. Try these looks out and be a trendsetter in your workplace or at school.

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