The Reason Behind the Changed of Mica Bella to Mica Beauty

Mica Bella was founded in 2001, with the vision of designing a range of makeup and beauty products with 100% natural and premium quality ingredients. Inspired by the Italian language, the brand Mica Bella was born. ‘Bella’ means beautiful in Italian, it carries the mission to boost and enhance every woman’s beauty to feel confident in themselves.

Mica Bella to Mica Beauty

As the mineral makeup industry became popular and increase in demand, Mica Bella decided to expand their company to reach out to more women. Mica Bella decided to stretch out to the international business, and to reach out to more individuals globally, Mica Bella Cosmetics decided to rename themselves to Mica Beauty. This is because English is an international language, which gives Mica Bella an advantage for people around the world to understand and acknowledge them easily. With this slight change, it successfully received a lot of attention worldwide.

With their all-natural cosmetic products, Mica Beauty Cosmetics is a universal leader in makeup, beauty and health cosmetics industry. Their products are not harmful to the individual user nor the environment, Mica Beauty now works with 200 retail stores all over the world including countries like U.S.A., Canada, Australia and more.

Individuals who are sensitive to chemical ingredient makeup and skincare products. They can use Mica Beauty freely and safely, even for the most sensitive skin, they will not react or get irritated to Mica Beauty makeup products. This is because it is made of 100% Mica Mineral, and it is chemical, oils, preservatives and dyes free. Mica Beauty offers a huge range of colours to please every individuals’ taste and style. In addition, you can enjoy antioxidants in Mica Beauty cosmetics which prevents signs of ageing, achieving that flawless, youthful look that every person desires.

Mica Beauty aims to provide the uppermost customer satisfaction while improving the mineral makeup industry. They have made special efforts to give a positive and satisfying experience to every client. Clients will acknowledge that Mica Beauty is a company that cares and make the effort in knowing and listening to their customers’ concerns, problems and opinions from the beginning to the end of a sale.

Here at Mica Beauty Cosmetics is your greatest source for mica mineral makeup and beauty products for your face and body. Browse through online at Mica Beauty Official Australia website, to be inspired and experience the wonders of “Where Nature and Beauty Collide” through our amazing, all-natural and remarkable range of makeup and beauty products.

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