Peach Makeup Look

While looking through the internet for the latest makeup beauty trend. We stumbled upon a makeup look that was worn on the runway. Typically, these model makeup looks are extraordinary for us ordinary people to incorporate in our everyday makeup look, but this peach makeup look is easy to replicate too.

Firstly, we start off with a cleansed and moisturised face. Then, apply a thin layer of makeup primer. Primer helps to even out the skin tone, also helps the makeup to stay on longer throughout the day. Use Mica Beauty’s Mineral Foundation Powder as your base makeup. Although it is loose powder, but once it blends into the skin, it creates a matte finish, with natural looking skin. Your skin will look perfect! If the coverage is not enough, you can apply concealer on the imperfections and redness on the skin.

Fill in your brows with either eyebrow pencil or powder. Also, apply a clear lip balm to moisturise your lips and allow the product to be absorb into the lips. To be efficient and save time in waiting for your lip balm to be absorb, start on with the eye makeup.

Peach is the trend!

Eye makeup can be an optional choice, but if you do prefer to do it, it is easy with just a single colour all over the eyelids. With a nice coral peach shade of Mineral Eye Shadow in the colour 13 Coral Reef. Use an eye shadow brush and apply it all over the lid, then use a fluffy blending brush to blend the edges off to have that soft and natural eye look. It doesn’t have to be a pigmented colour, but a hint of colour will be perfect! Then, use your favourite eyeliner and mascara to draw and line your eyes together with coat your lashes to create volume and length.

With the same eye shadow, apply them on the apples of the checks as a blush. As we are creating a peachy makeup look. Use a couple of swipes and blend them upwards and towards your ears with small circular motions with a blush brush. Apply with a light touch to prevent over applying your blush.

Furthermore, with a tinted lip balm in the colour 04 Autumn Sun or your favourite lipstick or liquid lipstick, will be a great peachy colour to complete the whole look. Fun fact: with the same eye shadow colour, pour some of the powder into a container and mixed it with a little bit of water, it turns the powder into a thicker consistency and you can apply it onto your lips as a lip colour. Therefore, lip balm is essential for your makeup look, to moisturise and act as a barrier for your lips. Want to learn more about Mica Beauty makeup products, check them out online.

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